Friday, December 2, 2011

My Friday Five - Week 5

Who's ready for a little holiday inspiration?  I'm getting really excited about Christmas so I thought I'd make my whole Friday Five into a little Christmas bonanza!  And since it's already December, I chose EASY projects that everyone can do (even if you didn't think of them!).  I know I'm running out of time (I haven't bought one gift yet - don't tell my kids...) so I've been looking for easy, fun and inexpensive projects.  Here we go -

1.  Look at these super cute Santa Hats-

Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick whipped up these cute little Santa hats - and I'm in love.  Wait - I'm in love with the hats AND Sarah's blog!  No really - I'm sure you've been over there too - it's awesome!  I've been following her for a long time and you should too!  She shares the whole play-by-play on this Christmas project.  Cute.

2.  Check out these wine bottles - 

What a great way to repurpose wine bottles.  And did you notice that they fit in my new holiday color scheme?  Anyway, how beautiful is this display?  Tracie at Cleverly Inspired spray painted the bottles and covered them with Epsom salt.   You should go over and check out this EASY project.  Love it.

3.  I know it's already December 2nd, but there's still time to do a little countdown to Christmas.  When I was a little girl, I made a paper chain every year - and the thrill of ripping off a link each day still stays with me.  Is that weird?  Didn't think so.  Anyway, are you looking for a fun and easy way to count down this year?  Try this - 

Simple plastic cups.  Decorating doesn't need to be fancy - sometimes it should be simple and fun!  Head over to Well I'll Be A Monkey's Momma (whoa - another great blog name...) to get the whole scoop.  Paper chains or plastic cups - it's not too late!

4.  Are you super organized this year?  Do you have all of your shopping and decorating done?  Well, why not pamper yourself - with a candy cane manicure?

Erika at Chloe's Nails shares all of the details for these fun nails.  Head over to find out the exact colors - and to find out the secret to getting perfect lines.  I have a feeling my daughter will want to try this one!

{Edited to add - Super freaky coincidence in my house - my daughter bookmarked this exact same picture today.  Honestly.  Or as she would say "For realsies".  Yup.}

5.  Let's end this post on a high note (oh I know the other projects were a lot of fun - this isn't a competition).  But this is good.  Milky Way Sleighs - 

Ummm...these are the CUTEST things I've ever seen.  Look how excited these little teddy grahams are to ride these candy cane sleighs!  Nicole at Planning with Kids came up with this creative holiday treat.  I think it kind of sums up the holiday spirit.  So fun.

Are you inspired yet?