Monday, February 20, 2012

Ombre Penny Art

Here's a fun little project that I did over the weekend - Ombre Penny Art.

I love copper so this project was right up my alley.  I started with a frame from Michael's (on clearance) for $4.99 and a bunch of pennies -

I lined up all of the pennies from bright and shiny to dull and weathered - 

I wanted a very random look so I left them heads up or tails up, facing any direction.  All willy nilly.   Which is a big deal for me because I usually have to make everything straight and neat.  I just knew that this project would look better if I veered away from my usual habits.  :-)

 I took the frame apart, and dry-fit the pennies to the backing - 

Then , I super glued the pennies in place.  I started with the four corners - just so everything would come out straight.  I also used a ruler to keep things in line.  And that was it!  Now, it's hung in my kitchen and I think it looks great!

And since I work from my kitchen table, I get to look at it all of the time!  Yay!  

Here's the cost breakdown - 

$4.99  frame
$1.08  pennies

$6.07 Total

Anyone else work on an art project over the weekend?  Or use the phrase "willy nilly"?  Or spend an hour and a half ironing that huge pile of clothes in your room that you've been ignoring?  Just me?...

I've shared this project here - 

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