Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy Drop Cloth Laundry Tub Skirt

I love easy projects.  So this drop cloth laundry tub skirt is one of my favorites.  :-)

I wanted to do something with my old laundry tub - 

Although it's outdated, it worked fine.  I looked into replacing it but I just couldn't justify the cost of buying a new tub - they were a few hundred dollars!  So, I decided to cover this one.  I love the idea of using inexpensive drop cloths (here are some of my favorite drop cloth projects).  I headed over to Home Depot and bought a 5 x 5 drop cloth for $8.  I only needed to cover the front and right side and the small drop cloth would be perfect.  I measured and cut - leaving the factory hem on the left and bottom  (yea for not having to sew the hem!).  

After it was cut, I sewed a strip of velcro to the back.  

To keep the project easy, I used stitch witchery to attach red ribbon to the front.  Then I attached the other side of the velcro to the tub (that side was peel and stick) and that was it!

I also gave the top of the tub a little update - 

Yup, that's right - white spray paint!

Here's the cost breakdown - 

Drop cloth - $8
Ribbon - $6
Velcro - $8
Stitch Witchery - on hand

Total - $22

This project was easy and inexpensive.  And I have a much more updated laundry room!