Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey, Let's Make a Dance Floor

Yes I actually said those words to my daughter when we were planning her birthday party.  We were trying to come up with some fun ideas  - after all it was her sweet 16.  We were throwing out all kinds of ideas when it hit me - we could have a dance floor and play music videos in the back yard.  It seemed easy enough.

We looked into renting a floor - but it was about $300 just for a small one.  That seemed way too expensive.  So we started doing research on making our own.  We googled many homemade floors but couldn't really find anything we liked so we decided to just wing it.  We ended up buying 8 1" sheets of flakeboard.  They were slightly irregular in size so heavily discounted.  We paid about $6 each.  Then we laid them out in the garage (which I had just finished painting - details here).  We primed them with 1 coat of Kilz oil based primer.  Then 1 coat of Valspar Prom Pink (how cute is the name of that color?) in semi gloss:

My daughter added various sized circles using craft paint.  She used fuschia, ballet slipper pink, and silver (with glitter of course).  She sort of free handed the circles - tracing loosely around found round objects we had.

We attached the boards together using furring strips and deck screws:

And here it is:

When the sun went down, we played music videos on a screen we hung on our shed (I just cleaned up that area which I explained here) -

The project turned out to be very successful - and a lot of fun!  The kids loved it!  We want to come up with a use for the boards now that the party is over.  They may turn into shelves at some point - but I think we'll have to repaint them.  :-)

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