Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moss Spheres

I showed you my mantel last week but I still haven't shown you everything that went onto it.  Today, I'd like to show you how I made these moss spheres -

I got the idea from Restoration Hardware - but I was not going to pay $26 for 3!

So I went over to Dollar Tree to get some supplies.  I really wanted to make smaller ones so I could use them as a vase filler.  I found styrofoam spheres (a four pack) and moss - 

I just used hot glue to attach the moss to the styrofoam.  I didn't want them to look perfectly round - I wanted a more natural look (but it would be easy to add a little more glue and make them more "perfect")

I tossed them into a Dollar Tree hurricane (I do love Dollar Tree)-

And up on the mantel they went - 

It adds a little green to that side of the mantel.  And it was inexpensive - the whole project (including the hurricane) was $3.  Much better than the Restoration Hardware price!  I love an easy knock off!