Friday, December 16, 2011

My Friday Five - Week 7

Ok are you ready for some terrific Pinterest inspiration?  I have found some projects specifically centered around the one Christmas "craft" that I have not mastered (well, actually, there are many Christmas crafts that I have never tried - but this one is just way too complicated for me).  What am I referring to?  What is so difficult?  The Gingerbread House.  Yes, that's right.  I. Can. Not. Make. One.  I have even bought the kits to do with my kids - because they really want to make a cute little house - but it never works.  I can't seem to "glue" the sides together or make the roof stay on.  It is usually a disaster.  I see them all over the place, and I tell myself I can do it.  But I can't.  So I pinned some really cute ones on Pinterest to enjoy.  And that's probably the best it's going to get in this house.  Want to take a look?  Let's get started.

1.  I HAVE to start with this stunning house - 

Seriously?  I could move in.  And it seems to already have working lights.  Barry from Rock Recipes just threw this together.  Really.  He designed the whole thing.  I can't even get the little A-frame working. But maybe with a little more practice...  By the way,  you should really check out all of the other gorgeous houses he made.  So completely impressive.

2.  Let's step back down to earth now with a beautiful house that probably you can make (yeah, I've really given up) - 

I am loving how different the decor is.  The red and white is beautiful!  If you can put together a standard gingerbread house, you can make this.  Sometimes, I have trouble thinking outside of the box.  But this house makes me realize that a gingerbread house can be decorated any way you want.  If you have a certain color scheme, you can tailor the house to fit.  It doesn't have to be covered in multi-color candy.  Take a look at Jenny's blog - Turnip Greens and Sweet Tea for more inspiration.

3.  How about tiny houses for your coffee mug?  Megan from Not Martha made the cutest little houses (that I know I can't replicate...)-

These are crazy good.  Can you just imagine your morning coffee with these houses sitting on your mug?  So festive!  And dare I say fancy?  Yeah, I think I just said it.  Love them.

4.  How about a house that's not made with gingerbread?  What about using graham crackers instead?  That's what Karin from Made By K did-

If you head over to her blog, you can see step by step instructions of this cute house.  And I like the ice cream cone tree (maybe I could make that - baby steps).  This is a clever twist on the traditional house.

5.  Ok, let's try one that even I could probably make - 

A cardboard playhouse - decorated like a gingerbread house.  I could totally do this.  This involves more painting and less structural baking.  Yay!  Laura from Come Together Kids found a cardboard house kit and painted it with her kids (I had no idea they made house kits - I always just gave my kids old boxes.  I guess times have changed).  Anyway, I love this idea.  And what a great way to let the kids join in the fun!  

Oh and I have an early Christmas gift for my readers - an EXTRA Pinterest find - so I guess it's technically My Friday Six.  Which doesn't have the same ring to it. So don't expect it every week.  But I'm in the giving mood today.

6.  Gingerbread house cupcakes - 

I know these are out of my league, but I loved them. I found these at Bake it in a Cake.  Can you imagine sending these to school for your kid's class holiday party?  The other moms would be in awe.  What a great idea - so cute.

Are you inspired yet?