Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hotel Art

Remember last week when I shared my buffet lamp transformation?

Well, if you missed it, you can check out the whole project here.  I bought those at Salvation Army - for $3.99 each.  But that wasn't all I picked up during that trip.  I scored some hotel art.  Actually, I'm not sure if it's hotel art-

But since they had about 20 of the same pictures, I made the assumption that they came from some hotel remodel (they also had about 15 matching dressers - all with a bracket attached to the top which would be used to bolt down a TV.  Can't be too safe).  I had seen them before but was hesitant to pay the steep $10 asking price.  Anyway, my whole trip was planned around this art.  I wasn't exactly in love with the print (I don't have a sailboat/watercolor theme in my house).  But where else can you get a frame this size (33" x 27") for $10?  So I brainstormed for a while to figure out what I could do with these - and when I came up with an idea, I bought them.  Actually - I bought four of them.  And I'm working on the first two now.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you the "after" pictures tomorrow (assuming I can get them hung up this afternoon...).

In other news - I want to thank SJ from Homemaker on a Dime and Katie at Ohh Baby Designs for featuring my coffee table makeover -

It's always so fun to be selected!  Thank you SO much!