Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Homemade Dance Floor is on Tip Junkie!

Well this is fun!  Laurie, from Tip Junkie, is highlighting my homemade dance floor!

DIY Party Ideas

In case you're new here, I made a dance floor with my daughter for her sweet sixteen - 

You can see how we made it HERE.  It was really fun - and we did it for under $100!  It's really great to be featured over at Tip Junkie - Laurie is awesome.  Her site has tons of ideas - go check it out (ok, I know - she's HUGE so you've already been over there - but just in case you haven't...)

In other exciting news - I received an email yesterday from a woman who was starting her own blog.  She was interested in writing about my buffet lamp makeover in a post about lighting.  I was really flattered since I'm so new to this blogging world myself.  So head over to Designing by Numbers and say hello to Christina!  Feel free to leave her a comment - it can be a little intimidating when you're new! 

Thank you Laurie and Christina!