Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter W

And the number 5...

Confusing?  Let me explain.  As you know, I'm taking old junk that has been sitting at the back of closets, cupboards and drawers and transforming it into decorative accessories for my home.  Why?  Because I'm cheap.  I've been renovating my house for six years - from top to bottom. And although I plan very carefully to keep costs down, I have spent more than I anticipated.  So, now, I'm trying find cheap clever ways to decorate.

Here's my 5th junk transformation - recycling an old frame.  Back in the 90's, maroon was all the rage (trust me on this - I have LOTS of maroon junk...).  So, I'm pretty sure I bought this lovely frame (I would love to say it was a gift and that I never really liked it but I think I actually picked it out.  We all make mistakes...) -

I used to have a picture of my kids in there but I have since moved that picture to a prettier frame.  I took this one outside with my favorite Rustoleum Gloss White spray paint -

I gave it a few light coats of paint - bye bye maroon!

Next up - I gathered a few supplies that I had from various projects -

There are 2 sheets of scrapbook paper (I took them out of a huge book that I bought for this project).  As for the "W" - I printed that right from my computer (Microsoft Word - easy!).  I carefully cut out the "W" to use as a stencil -

Then I carefully cut again -

I cut the black floral paper to fit the frame -

And popped the glass back in -

This whole project cost me $0.  Woohoo!  That will help my budget!