Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Inspired

Do you remember a while back when I said that I wasn't a very good shopper?  I do not like parting with money.  And in my quest to be frugal, I often leave stores empty handed.  I really have to be sold on an item to buy it.  Well, I found something the other night at Salvation Army-

Yes - a green-sponge-painted candle holder.  Beautiful isn't it?  Well it will be.  You see, I saw it and thought it had a great shape but I wasn't sure what I could do with it.  So I left it behind.  Then, I did a little web surfing, and came up with a plan.  The next morning, I buzzed back to SA and parted with my $2.99.  I guess green-sponge-painted items call to me (if you recall, my dining room buffet lamps also started like this.  You can see that transformation HERE).  Would you like a close up of this candle holder?

Yes green-sponge-paint looks sort of like mold.  Not attractive.  At all.  But I do have a plan.  I ran around yesterday gathering my supplies and I can't wait to start transforming it.

But that's not all I'm working on.  I also purchased this tray -

Not exactly my taste but I have a plan for this too.  And I'm going to try something I've never done before.  So if it doesn't work, you may never see it again (just kidding - I'll show you what I'm doing with it even it it ends up in the project failure pile).  Oh, and I picked up this tray for $4.99 (A little more than I wanted to pay but it is pretty big - 19" across).

So there you have it.  A couple of fun projects to work on - because I need some fun projects to break up the boring painting-the-foyer-trim-white project.