Friday, October 14, 2011

Spray Painting

I love spray painting.  A lot.  Why?  So many reasons -

1) It's easy.
2) It's cheap.
3) It's fast.
4) It makes everything look better.

The only problem - it's not a winter activity.  So, I've been spray painting everything that's not nailed down lately.  I know my days are numbered.  Even if it means leaving a few projects unfinished for a while.  Weather can definitely determine which project gets done each day.  And the last week, we had awesome weather.  It was a spray painting bonanza here.  I was able to transform my old hotel art frames (check that out here) and a few smaller projects.  Like this old vase -

I have a bunch of these old vases from various bouquets I've received (from who knows what).  I never know what to do with them but for some reason, I have hung onto them.  I painted one a while ago -

And I love the way it turned out.  So I decided to go for it again.  But this time, I went with Krylon Global Blue.  I had it left over from this little makeover -

 After a few light coats of paint (inside and out), I ended up with this -

Cute, easy, fast, and free.  My favorite combination.  But, now that the weather has turned a bit rainy and cold, my to do list has moved inside for a few months.  My spray painting days are probably over for a while...

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