Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Ballard Knock Off

So the other night, I was relaxing on the couch, watching HGTV (I'm not sure what was on but it was probably "All American Handyman".  I like that show - mainly because I like power tools.  And even though I have never built a wooden gate or installed crown moulding, I have always wanted to give it a try).  Anyway, my husband turned to me and asked "What project did you do today?"   And I replied "I spray painted an old vase white." And before I could explain further, he asked "Can you use white spray paint after labor day?"  Haha.  Yea, he's funny too..

Now let me explain this easy project - I love looking through Ballard Design and Pottery Barn catalogs but I don't end up ordering much.  Oh once in a while, I find something that is really great that I just can't live without (believe me that doesn't happen often).  But sometimes I just like looking at all of the eye candy. It is really inspiring. And I like the challenge of doing it myself.  Cheaper.  Because let's face it, some of those great little pieces are really expensive.  So when I came across this at Ballard Designs-

Suzanne Kasler Ceramic Form

I thought "How can I make these?  Because there is no way I could feel comfortable paying $59 for one of these ceramic forms.  Beautiful yes.  But kinda pricey.  Then I thought about all of the junk that I've been transforming and realized that I had something very similar to this shape.  An old free glass vase (I'm sure it came with some flower arrangement years ago) -

I took it outside with Rustoleum Gloss White -

And gave it a few light coats of paint.  I sprayed inside and out.

I know it's not a perfect knock off, but it was free.  And I think it looks great.  Even if it is out of season...