Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Art

A few months ago, I bought a frame from Kohl's.  It is a black frame with four spots for 3x5 pictures.  Since I have four kids, I assumed I'd take some new pictures of them and display them in this frame - you know, one spot per kid.  And the price was right - at zero dollars.  I used a coupon which was for $10 off a $10 dollar purchase.  The frame was on sale for $8.99 (I threw in a pair of socks to make up the difference) and I had myself a free frame.  Now all I had to do was take some new pictures of the kids...

So, a couple of months later, when I still hadn't filled this frame with kid photos, I decided to try something else.  I went to Michael's and bought scrapbook paper.  I found a couple of individual sheets that would be perfect in my daughters' room.  Then I bought a huge book (on sale at $9.99):

After reviewing them, I chose my favorite four:

Then, I simply cut out 3x5 rectangles and taped them in place.  So I ended up with this:

To hang it up (easily), I used Command Strips:

And up it went:

As you can see from the picture, the room has beige and blue walls.  Which is where I got the inspiration for the scrapbook paper.  I tried to tie the blue in to other areas of the room.  It's a really fun look, don't you think?

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