Friday, April 27, 2012

My Friday Five - Week 23

Stick a cork in it!  Yup, that's right, I've put together a collection of projects using wine corks.  Simple corks, which I have thrown out for years, can be beautiful.  Who knew?  And when I see some of these projects, I wish I had saved all of those corks. Luckily, I have done a little research and discovered that you can buy used corks on Ebay.  Oh the internet...


1.  Slice them up and frame them - 

Rachelle from Adventures in Creating made this cute cork board art.  It looks so interesting - but it's also functional.  It's a neat piece of art but it can be used to pin notes or pictures too!  

2.  A cork table - 

This is so cool!  Karen from Crafts For All Seasons came up with this great idea.  Head over to her blog to see how she put this together!

3.  Wine Cork Wreath - 

This.  Is.  Gorgeous.  Tiffany from Living Savvy created this by using a foam wreath form, old corks and toothpicks.  I need want this...I may be borrowing this idea.  Head over to her blog for all of the details.

4.  Wine Cork Monogram - 

I love this idea.  I've seen a few versions of it on Pinterest (read - novice crafters can tackle this) but I grabbed this tutorial from Growing Up Gardner.  What a fun little accessory for a bookshelf or counter!

5.  How about a Wine Cork Backsplash?

How Clever!  Patti from Pandora's Box gave a little corner of her kitchen some interest by covering her backsplash with corks.  This really looks great.

Are you inspired yet?  

Oh - by the way, I have some more wine cork ideas pinned to my Pinterest board.  Like a necklace, coaster, and giraffe sculpture (really).   Check them out here.