Monday, April 16, 2012

Sowing My Seeds

Ok. I did it.  I started my garden.  As I have mentioned before, I wanted to try to grow some tomatoes and cucumbers this year.  Well, this was the week to start.  I bought my seeds at Walmart -

And...I bought a little starter kit.  I know - it's sort of cheating but I'm brand new at this and I wanted to give these guys a fighting chance.  ;-)  I started with the tomatoes.

The greenhouse was $12.  A little pricey but since I didn't have anything on hand to start the seeds off, I figured it was worth it.  The kit has individual pellets.

I poured water over them and waited for them to expand.

After waiting about an hour, it was time to sow my seeds.  The kit recommended 2-3 seeds per pellet.

Then it was time to cover.  

The next day, there was a little condensation on the lid - 

So, I hope that means that they are doing their thing.  Craig and I are pretty excited about this project - we eat a lot of tomatoes in this house.  And it will be so nice to pick one from the backyard when we want one!