Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend was very productive, I'm happy to report.  We had rented scaffolding to work on the foyer.

We will have this up for nine days.  And we have a lot to do during that time.  We started by taking down the chandelier.

Then we moved on to the huge mirror on the wall.  This house had mirrors everywhere for some reason.  And even a whole wall of them in the old kitchen (check that out here).  Surprisingly. they both came down easily! And it was on the the wallpaper.  I had been working on the wallpaper for a while in areas that I could reach and had the method down.  I sprayed an area with a vinegar and water mixture, rubbed it in with a soft sponge, and scraped it off with a plastic scraper.  Then I repeated the whole process on the second layer (the paper layer underneath).  It was a slow and tedious process but it worked.

Craig worked on the higher parts - I was still a little too scared to go to the top of this thing.  But eventually, we got it all off.

And cleaned it all up.  Then we called a good friend - to skim coat the walls.  As we've moved from room to room, stripping wallpaper, we've been left with walls in really bad shape.  The only way to fix them is to skim coat them - professionally.  We knew the foyer would be no different.  So with our friend working on the walls, Craig and I shopped for all of our paint and supplies.  And I'll be back up there later this week.