Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Craigslist Purchase

I love Craigslist.  There I said it.  I could spend hours looking through all of the furniture, antiques, and household goods for sale.  It's very convenient to have a virtual garage sale at any time of the day.  I have often found items that I love - but usually they are sort of far away or overpriced (I'm even cheap on craigslist items).  Sometimes I pass on stuff because I know I don't have time to work on a new project.  But the other day, I found a hutch that I just couldn't pass up.  So, even though I have more on my plate than I can ever finish, I texted Craig and asked if we could go look at it.  Just look....

Isn't it great?  It is in very good condition - it just needs a little updating.  Which I cannot wait to do.  And here's the best part - the woman was asking $40 but Craig got it down to $35!  Yes - only $35!  So, even though this piece will have to wait for a makeover, I think the deal was just too good to pass up.

The bottom section has such great detail.  Everything from the bowed front to the ornate handles.  I just love it.

The top section mimics the curves on the bottom.

So, of course I had to run to Pinterest for some inspiration...

painted hutch

great hutch

hutch revamp

Aren't they beautiful?  I have a feeling this project might jump to the head of the line on my to do list...