Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The White Room Challenge - Candy

When HGTV announced that it was going to run a series consisting of only white room challenges (the best part of the Design Star series), I was really excited.  And then I began watching them.  And I was less excited.  The first week, the contestants used flowers.  Which should have been a no-brainer.  But, the rooms were not great.  I shared my thoughts here. Ok, so on to week two - the contestants were taken to a salvage yard to shop for their rooms.  But, it wasn't a real salvage yard. It was a space in the studio with a few odds and ends to choose from.  And the rooms?  Again, not great.  (Here's my take on the episode)  I was losing hope.  This show was turning out to be a dud.  I was wondering if I should keep watching...but I couldn't turn away.  I watched the candy episode last night.  Just for you.  Because where else can you go to discuss this show?  There is no thread on the HGTV message boards for it.  And I can't even find it on Television Without Pity (which is where I go to see what other people are thinking about my favorite shows).  So, either I'm the only one left watching this show, or...yeah, I'm probably the only one left watching.

Anyway, let's see what happened last night.

Before I get to the rooms, can I just say it again - 

Having the contestants walk into the studio, for what seems like an hour, at the beginning of each episode is just weird.  Oh, and what is the girl on the right wearing? 

First up, Jennifer - 

I'm not sure what to say.  It's a mess.  Maybe it's really artistic - beyond my ability to appreciate.  But, I don't care for it.  One thing that I thought was smart - she left the walls white.  Which could have been brilliant.  The colorful candy could have really popped on the white background.  Could have...

Next up, Melissa - 

She designed a robot.  And it was kinda cool.  My biggest gripe with this room is the lack of candy.  I mean the whole challenge was candy, so I expected to see lots of candy.  Instead, she used a small amount as the 'guts' of her robot - 

I thought it was creative but it almost seemed like an after thought.  Interesting idea. And at least she had a plan.

Next, Logan - 

Logan decided to make an outdoor escape - complete with those two extra 'walls'.  I actually thought this was smart - to actually change the layout of the room.  And I agreed with the judges (this time) that the room had way too much going on.  It was busy and dark.  Not exactly a little girl's fantasy room (well, it was my fantasy room once I saw the pounds of chocolate-covered pretzels being used as tree roots...)

Mmmmm...chocolate-covered pretzels...

And last up, Oliver - 

I have to start with a confession - I wanted Oliver to win right from the beginning. Why?  Because he was nice.  When all of the other contestants were doing that 'talk to the camera' stuff, they were all explaining how 'deserving they were' or how they were 'better than everyone else'.  Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing young people talk about what they deserve.  Ugh.  But, Oliver was different.  He thanked his parents for giving him opportunity.  Yay Oliver!  So, I was pulling for him.  And, I was very worried when his plan wasn't working and he had a little melt down.  And I may have yelled at the TV screen "Come on Oliver, do it for your parents!".  Maybe that happened...But my man regrouped.  And came up with a new plan.  Which I happened to like.  I thought it was creative and fun.  And cohesive.  

I liked the lollipop table legs and the pixie sticks on the walls.  It looked good.  Whew.  It's kind of how I imagined this challenge to be - candy used as the main design elements.  Way to go Oliver!

So, how would I have used candy to decorate a room?  I have no idea.  And I'm getting a little tired of the 15-minute shopping time limit.  I get it - they want more drama.  But, it's resulting in terrible rooms.  Give them an hour.  Let them look around for a few minutes before frantically grabbing whatever they see first.  And giving them a little more time would allow the viewer to see what available in the store.  I usually love thinking about what I would have done but I can't even see what my materials choices are.  These unrealistic time limits are really hurting the end results.  

Anyway, what did you think?  Were you rooting for the nice guy?  Would you like to see more shopping time?  Are you watching this show anymore?  Would you have eaten more chocolate-covered pretzels than you used in the room?  I'd love to hear your opinions.