Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The White Room Challenge - Collectibles

The white room challenge.  I'm having a love/hate relationship with this show.  More hate than love actually.  I was so looking forward to this new series but have been so hugely disappointed.  I think that HGTV lost it's focused somewhere.  Many years ago, I would have HGTV on all. the. time.  I learned so much about how to put a home together.  I watched Matt and Shari on Room by Room for years (remember them?).  And Joan Steffend from Decorating Cents.  It was decorating for real people.  A great resource for 'regular' everyday life.  And now it's this -

That's an office.  But not really a literal office.  It's a 'think tank'.  Because real people want to learn how to make a think tank.  You know, in between full time jobs, loads of laundry, making dinner, running the kids around and mowing the lawn.  We all need this.  And in all fairness, this room didn't win (it came in second).  Oh no.  The winner this week decorated a living room (but not a literal living room...) - 

Yes.  Really.  This room won.  (I will admit that the floor - which was painted free hand - was cool) I have no words.

What else did you miss last night (because I know I'm the only person watching this show...)?  A bedroom which was panned for having a bed.

But...the judges liked her 'rug' which was made out of wool and broken glass.  

And what about the last room?  A dining room (which was turned into an outside dining space) - 

This was my favorite room.  Which I instantly knew meant it would not win.  But check out the chandelier he made - 


So there you have it.  A fantastic idea over at HGTV that turned out to be awful.  Yet another series that taught the viewer nothing.  Except how to hang chairs from the ceiling.  And how to bad-mouth other contestants.  awful.

The days of sharing great design are over.  It's sort of like the end of music videos at MTV. (oh, if you're young, you may not realize that MTV used to just play music videos all day.  And we all watched them.  All day.)  I just don't understand.

If you're wondering - yes, I will watch the next season of Design Star.  I didn't love the last season, but the show intrigues me somehow.  I'm an optimist.