Monday, November 21, 2011

Bow Necklace

Here's a fun little project courtesy of my daughter.  If you remember from my headband review post, I explained how much my daughter loves bows.  She wears them almost everyday - on a headband, on her clothes, or on her jewelry.  So when we were cutting up the old sweater to make boot socks, she wanted to get creative with some of the leftover sweater parts.  She made a bow necklace.  Here's the sweater we started with -

After I cut the sleeves off, she turned her focus to the wide band of gray at the bottom-

She cut a 2" strip off the bottom-

She didn't need all of it, so she cut out a rectangle-

Then, she rounded off the edges-

She folded it in half-

She pinched the center together and gave it a dab of hot glue to hold it in place-

She cut a small strip of fabric and attached it with hot glue-

Then she dug out an old chain and wrapped the strip of fabric around it-

She used hot glue to attach the other end of the fabric to the bow-

And there you have it - a bow necklace.  Which cost nothing (we had everything on hand!).  Now she's trying to come up with something else she can make out of the rest of the sweater.  I'm sure she'll come up with something!

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