Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Mantel - Phase 2

I'm still working on my mantel for Christmas - and I've moved on to the left side.  In case you're new here, I'm completely changing up my holiday decor - in favor of silver, white and green.  So here's what I came up with - and I'm sorry about the lousy pictures.  We have had no sun and my mantel is in a room which gets very little natural light on a good day.  I've heard rumors that the sun will be back tomorrow - and I'm going to try to take better pictures then.  But for now, just use your imagination.  ;-)

I know, I haven't shared any of these projects yet.  And this post would be long and boring if I shared everything at once.  So, I'll explain a couple of the items today and share more in the upcoming days.  Let's face it, you're out shopping right now anyway and don't have time for long posts... 

So, the tall pillar candle on the left - you probably guessed already - I bought it at Salvation Army - 

Yes, I have a thing for sponge paint (but at least I've moved on to pink sponge paint).  It was only $.59 and I knew some chrome spray paint would fix it - 

If you're wondering - yes that is the same can of spray paint I've used for all of these projects.  This can has lasted forever (I've even used it on a few projects that I haven't blogged about yet!).  It's like the energizer bunny of spray paint!  But anyway, after a few light coats of paint, I tossed a pillar candle on top.  Easy peasy. And cheap inexpensive.

Next to the chrome candlestick, I made a little dollar store tinsel tree.  I just bought a styrofoam tree form and tinsel garland - 

Using hot glue, I started at the bottom - 

And worked my way up (and around) - 

So, those two projects cost $2.59.  Not bad.  I'll give you the run down on the rest of the mantel in the next few days.  And tomorrow, I'm going to reveal the finished mantel - assuming I can get a decent picture.  So could everyone cross their fingers for some sun please?