Friday, November 4, 2011

My Friday Five - Week 2

OK everyone - are you ready for some awesomeness?  I am sharing a little Pinterest inspiration.  I have found five great transformations that I just couldn't keep to myself.  So go get a cup of really, go.  I'll wait.

Ready?  Enjoy.

1.  I went back and forth about putting this one up.  Why?  Well it's been around a while - and EVERYONE has probably seen it already.  But if you aren't spending hours a day on home decor blogs, then this MIGHT have slipped by.  And I. Am. In. Love. - so of course I wanted to make sure that you saw this.

Pinned Image

A card catalog buffet.  I'm a little speechless.  And a little jealous.  And of course I check out my local Craigslist everyday to find a card catalog that I can revamp.  And of course, I haven't found anything that will be this amazing.  Darn.  But if you want to check out more details about how Adri made this show stopper, head over to Dream Book Design - you will not be disappointed.

2.  Want to dress up a plain leather stool?  How about using a stencil?  How clever is this-

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That's right - that isn't a printed fabric, it's a stencil!  How gorgeous is that?!  Amy from The Casablanca Transformation whipped these up for her kitchen.  She describes the whole stencil-on-leather process.  I would never have thought that you could paint leather.  Hmmm...

3. We all know that penny tile is hot right now.  But how about actual pennies?

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Kait from Koot Hoot 'tiled' her coffee table with pennies!  What a great look.  It required about $10 worth of pennies - which is a bargain for tile.  And she now has a one of kind piece.  The possibilities are endless with this idea.  I love the copper, but if that doesn't fit into the decor, you could use nickels or dimes (I know that could get expensive.  Since I'm cheap frugal, I would probably use pennies, then spray paint the whole thing silver).  This project really gets me thinking...

4. What do you do when you find a 'dated' $30 dollhouse on Craigslist?  You grab it and remodel it.  An Extreme Home Makeover - dollhouse edition from Heydey Living.  My daughters are a little old for a dollhouse, but when I saw this one, I kinda wished they were young again.

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That's a pretty stylish living room - complete with wallpapered walls (craft paper) and spray painted furniture! This is SO much better than the plastic Fisher Price dollhouse my daughters had (no offense Fisher Price...).  Head over to check out all of the 'remodeled' rooms.  So smart.  And btw, if anyone out there has young daughters and wants to do this, PLEASE call me - I am dying to do this project...

5.  Here's something a little unexpected.  A fashion inspiration.  When I came across this idea, I showed my 16 year old, and she loved it!  Ready?

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Boot socks.  Erika from Oops I Craft My Pants (ok, let's pause a moment to take in that blog name.  That could be the funniest blog name in the history of blogs.  Yup, I'm pretty sure it is.  Ready to move on?) shared a fun, easy, and cheap tutorial on legwarmer rip-offs.  She simply cut the 'arms' off of an old sweater and slipped them onto her legs.  That's it.  Sometimes great ideas are that simple.  Even I could do this one!

Are you inspired?