Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Day In The Life

Last night, Craig and I were driving our daughters around to their various events.  Our older daughter had musical rehearsal and our younger one had ice hockey practice.  We stopped at Target for a metric ruler then Office Max for a protractor (Target - why don't you have protractors??).  Yes, we are still buying school supplies in March... I needed something too - burlap.  I have a project in mind and I need burlap.  But, I just didn't have the energy to make one more stop.  So, Craig and I pulled into the local diner and grabbed a sandwich. And then we picked up the girls and went home.  No burlap.  It will have to wait another day.

Speaking of waiting another day, I'm not painting my foyer trim today either.  My schedule is packed.  I got four teens up and out the door (ok well they get themselves out the door but you know what I mean).  Then it's a few loads of laundry, clean up the kitchen, write a post, drive my daughter into school (she had to go in late today), go to the grocery store (and put all of the groceries away), a nice lunch date with Craig (we don't get to do that too often), stop at Michael's (my daughter needs yellow stickers), Walgreens (Colgate toothpaste is $3 but you get a $3 Register Reward making it free!  And we need toothpaste.), Target (I know I was there last night...but Eggos are 5 for $10 and you get a $5 Target GC - making them $1 each.  We go through a lot of Eggos!), pick my daughter up from school and take her to rehearsal, stop home to get my other daughter, take her to hockey practice, get burlap finally, pick the girls up and head home for the night.  Hopefully, I'll have the energy to make the burlap project...and tomorrow I'm back to painting.

Sometimes, when I read other blogs, I think "How do they get it all done?"  I try not to focus on it, but it seems like their houses are always clean, their laundry is always done, and they have endless hours (and energy) to work on their houses.  But, I assume that their kitchens look like this sometimes - 

Yup - that's what my kitchen looks like right now.  Most of the dirty dishes are from this morning but some are from last night (teenagers eat constantly).  Oh and here is my laundry from yesterday - 

Actually, that is just the kids stuff and towels (our clothes were already put away).  And, yes, I did take one day off from laundry.  Which I always regret...

I get busy here.  And I don't always get everything done.  I'm learning to accept it (no, I will never accept my kitchen looking like that - it will be clean soon!).  But as I watch my kids get older, I know that I'm going to miss all of this craziness.  I really love all of the messes, laundry and running around.  So long story short... I don't have that burlap project ready for today.  And I'm ok with that.  I hope to share it tomorrow...