Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Favorite Money Saving Websites

I talk a lot about being thrifty.  I love to find great deals on everything from groceries to furniture to clothing.  And over the years, I have developed a list of sites that I check to help me with my shopping lists.  These sites save me hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year.  I have no affiliation with any of them but I wanted to share them with you.

This site does require registration.  It's completely free and they do not seem to send out any emails (I've never received anything from them in the many years I've been a member).  My favorite part of this site is the Forum.  

Every grocery, drug, superstore, and health food store is listed.  Just click the store name and you will get up-to-date information on the latest deals.  And I've found that most of the grocery stores have ad/coupon match-ups.  This makes it a breeze to find the best prices.

There is no registration required for this site.  She shares ad/coupon match-ups as well as up to the minute freebies.  I 'like' her page on FB as well - just so I don't miss anything.  Sometimes, getting a freebie is very time sensitive.  I find it very helpful to have her posts show up on my wall so I don't have to check her site multiple times a day.

This site has the most complete list of deals at Target.  It is updated very often with deals in every department. She also shares unadvertised specials and mark-downs.  And she even has giveaways!  I also 'like' her page on FB.

This site shares the best deals at Walgreens - which is my favorite drug store.  Each week, there are many free items (I have been able to score hundreds of dollars worth of products through Walgreens - toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, dove soap, hairbands, South Beach Diet meal bars, razors, deodorant, body wash, feminine hygiene products, lip gloss, nail polish, and much more).  Many times, I am able to make money by buying a product!  What's also great about this site, is that she is able to get the ads weeks in advance so you can plan your shopping trips.  Oh and if you don't shop at Walgreens, don't worry - she has the same sites for Rite Aid and CVS!

A little background - This woman set out to feed herself and three daughters for $800 a year.  And she documented every penny on her site.  It has since evolved a bit (and she no longer keeps such a tight budget), but I love seeing how she does it.  It's very inspiring.  Although, she shops a lot at stores that we don't have in our area,  I have learned a lot from her site - and she keeps me motivated to save.

Those are the sites that help me save a boatload of money through out the year.  I hope this helps you find new ways to save - don't we all like keeping a little money in our pocket?  Do you have any favorite sites for money saving tips?  Anyone else use websites to help them save money?  I'd love to know how you find deals.  Leave a comment!