Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Let's Talk Gardening

As most of you know, I want to start a vegetable garden this year.  Which I have never attempted before.  And I'm a little nervous about it.  Why?  Because I don't exactly have a green thumb.  I can kill anything.  But I want to try this anyway.  And if I'm successful, I can save a lot of money.  I have been doing some research on Pinterest lately and I think I have a few ideas.  I plan on growing tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe strawberries.  I don't want to be too ambitious my first time out.

Being a complete novice, I wasn't even sure when to plant the seeds.  :-)  Then, I found this website -

You simply type in your zip code and they tell you when to start your plants!  That sounds easy.  I'm going to start my tomatoes indoors the week of April 9th.  

For all of the ins and outs on growing them, I found this site - 

It seems easy to follow - with lots of pictures.  Yay!

So, I think I have enough to get started.  I'm still trying to decide where I'm going to grow my veggies.  I'm leaning towards a container garden.  I found some tips on that here - 

It makes the most sense for my yard - and it's a good way to test my green thumbness (that's a word...).  

And if your wondering weather or not I've ever actually grown anything - well, yes I have.  I plant flowers every year - 

And I've planted many bushes - 

But, I've had my share of failures - 

Yeah, the deer got to that one.  

So, my fingers are crossed.  I really hope this works.  It would be awesome to go to the backyard and grab a tomato for my salad.  

I would love to hear tips from you guys!  Has anyone out there had a successful garden?  Do you have any tips or suggestions?  Please share them!  I need all the help I can get!