Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clipix - Organize Your Life

Have you ever heard of clipix?   It's a great new site that helps you can organize your life online!  Once you sign up (which is super easy), you just drag the "clip" button to your bookmarks bar - then, anytime you see something you like online, you "clip" it.  Everything that you "clip" gets stored on your personal clipboards.  You can view them anytime you want by going back to the clipix site.  You can clip anything - home improvement ideas, books to read, vacation plans - the possibilities are endless!  

And, what I love, is that you can control the privacy settings on your clipboards - so if you want to keep your daughter's birthday plans a surprise, you can.  You can make your boards private.


You can also clip to Synchboards - where your friends or family can contribute what they find in real time.  You can even group multiple boards by category.  It is really a great way to get organized.  



They even have an iPhone app!


I have already started filling up my first clipboard - 



Of course I clipped a few DIY ideas!


Oh and here's a short video in case you want to learn more about clipix - 


What would you clip?  Leave a comment and let me know!!

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