Monday, February 6, 2012

A NEW Way to Follow My Covered Bridge!

Have you heard that Google Friend Connect is going away for non-Blogger blogs?  Yup, as of March 1st, GFC will no longer 'connect' you to blogs that you would like to follow on Wordpress or other non-Google platforms.  And even though I am a Blogger blog, I was not happy with this change - I follow all sorts of blogs and I like the convenience of seeing them on my dashboard.  I am also concerned that GFC will go away altogether (that's the rumor).  So when I heard about a NEW way to follow my blogs, I jumped at the chance.  I'm trying to stay ahead of all of these changes.  And you can too.  Introducing:

This is a completely FREE service - with some great features.  You'll be able to follow your favorite blogs and if you have your own blog, your readers will be able to follow you too!  Linky Followers is brand new (I'm just getting used to it myself) but it will be a perfect transition from the fading GFC.  You can  group blogs into different categories and even create a blogroll that includes blogs that don't use Linky Followers.  You don't have to miss a thing!  You can follow me through Linky Followers with my new widget on the top of my sidebar.   Just click the "Follow Me" option and it will walk you through the EASY process of signing up.  If you follow me, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to follow you back!  You can head over to Linky Followers to get your own widget - just let me know when it's up and running!

BTW, if you're wondering about GFC followers automatically switching over to Linky Followers, they won't.  It's a completely different service.  So please take a moment to sign up.  I am really excited about this new option for my readers.  And I'm excited to have a new tool for following my favorite blogs!

Don't forget - there are still other ways to keep updated on My Covered Bridge.  You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or through email.  Check my sidebar for those options!