Friday, February 24, 2012

My Friday Five - Week 16

Pinterest.  We all love it.  But sometimes it's a little bit daunting.  At least for me.  I pin lots of stuff that I could never make, houses that I will never live in, and recipes that I'll never cook.  Well, today, I've decided to share five smaller, more doable projects.  We all love actually doing the stuff that we pin, right?  Here's a list of fun projects to try.

Oh and before we begin...I am trying something new.  As you know, Google Friend Connect is going away soon for non-blogger blogs.  I am a blogger blog, so you will still be able to find me.  For now.  But I am concerned that this will change at some point.  I've been looking into other tools to connect and came across something interesting.  Have you ever tried BlogLovin?  I checked it out last night and so far I love it.  It has a VERY user friendly dashboard and it seems to work well.  If you want to follow me through BlogLovin, I've added a link on my sidebar.  If you have any experience with BlogLovin that you'd like to share, please leave me a comment or send me an email -  I'd love to get your thoughts and opinions.

OK - back to the fun stuff.  Ready?

1.  Paint your washing machine.  I cannot believe how cute this is - 

I also cannot believe how many times this has been repinned (well, yes I can.  Come on it's super cute!).  Abbie from Five Days Five Ways painted and stenciled this washing machine - what a great idea!  This could actually make doing laundry fun!  Head over to her blog to get the step-by-step.

2.  Make a monogram using washers - 

I love this idea - it's easy and inexpensive!  Kristy from I'll Get You My Pretties created this beautiful work of art.  So clever!

3.  Modge podge fake fruit - 

Confession time - I have never used modge podge.  But, after seeing these cute pears from Emily at On The V Side, I may start.  I just love these.  Aren't they sweet?

4.  Dress up a mirror - 

That's just what Michelle from Ten June did.  And it is stunning.  Head over to her blog to get all of the details for this sunburst mirror.  It really makes a statement!

5.  Repurpose embroidery hoops - 

Yup - those are embroidery hoops!  I want these!  Don't you?  Head over to Hill Country Homebody to find out how to make them.  Gorgeous.

Are you inspired yet?