Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Perfect Pear...

One of my favorite things to do is shop at The Salvation Army Thrift Store.  There are actually two of them close by.  I love finding little treasures - cheap.  So on a recent trip, I brought my two daughters.  My older daughter, Cate, shares my thrift store love.  She often accompanies me.  But my younger daughter, Claire, doesn't quite understand.  So when I walked up to the counter with two orange ceramic pears, she was very confused.

Of course I wasn't in love with them in orange either.  But I knew I could fix that - easily.  And at $1.88 for for the pair, I wanted them.

Here they are:

The shape was interesting even if the color wasn't.  So a few light coats of white spray paint and they were transformed:

Cute huh?  White spray paint can fix anything!  I'm not sure if Claire is sold yet but I love them.

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