Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking Time to Smell the

After a VERY wet spring, I was able to plant some flowers around the patio.  And, luckily, we have had a lot of sun the last few weeks - so they are doing surprising well.  I do not have a green thumb but I am learning.

Usually I plant the same types of flowers.  This year, I mixed it up a little.  I bought a few different kinds and colors.  And then I randomly put them in the pots on the patio.

They are really looking beautiful.  It's fun to enjoy them when I sit outside.  And I can see most of them while looking out the sun room windows.

I love the sort of mix and match flavor of the pots.  Different colors and textures together.

I am definitely getting more comfortable in the garden.  I've tackled a few larger projects outside too - by planting some bushes and building a flagstone wall:

Here is that little corner from another angle:

And I planted a few boxwoods next to the side door:

Those are great here because the deer won't eat them.  I've planted a few bushes over the years that didn't last through winter due to rabbits and deer - so these have become a favorite.

I'm hoping to enjoy a beautiful sunny weekend on my patio - and I know I'll enjoy the beautiful scenery!