Monday, August 22, 2011

New Color in the Dining Room!

I finished painting the dining room last night!  Woohoo!  It was a quick project as I didn't have to paint the trim or ceiling.  I already did those before.  Just two coats on the walls.  Easy.  But let me back up a bit first.  When we moved in six years ago, our dining room looked like this -

Not so pretty.  I stripped the wallpaper, removed the carpet, installed hardwood, painted the ceiling and trim, hung crown molding and curtains, and replaced the chandelier.  It then looked like this -

It was a huge improvement but I never really loved it.  It was very boring.  And  I didn't love the chandelier in the room (although I had loved it in the Pottery Barn catalog).  I really wanted a second try.  I went to Home Depot and picked a few paint chips (I explained that here).  After deciding on Martha Stewart's Flagstone Gray, I was excited to get it done.  My husband, Craig, and I moved all of the furniture out of the way -

We took the curtains down and taped off the trim -

Then the fun began.  Here's the first wall painted next to the old color -

It was looking good.  This is what the dining room looked like this morning -

Yes - that's my cat, Shadow, perched on top of my grandmother's china cabinet...

I am so in love with this color!  The dining room looks more sophisticated already!  It's amazing what a gallon of paint can do to the whole feel of a room!  And now I really like the chandelier in the room.  It finally fits in! I still have a couple things to do in here (like hang the curtains and find a new area rug) but it's coming together.  I am really looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving dinner in here this year.  I'm sure the turkey will even taste better!  One last side by side -

What do you think?