Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

Last weekend, I found an old dresser that I fell in love with.  The whole story is here.

I was so excited to snag such a great piece of furniture (and for only $30) and I wanted to give it a great makeover.  I have "pinned" many dresser ideas on Pinterest and I had many visions of what this piece could look like.  I thought about painting the body and staining the top-

This is a beautiful example from Prezidential Life.  But after looking the piece over carefully, I realized there was just too much damage.  The wear and tear would make it nearly impossible to stain any of it.  So then I thought about painting the body and silver leafing the top -

I "pinned" this from The Design Pages.  I love the look!  But then I saw this -

cg dresser gray blue

This beautiful dresser was posted on Centsational Girl.  Stunning.  It's a very soft gray-blue.  And I realized that this look would be perfect for my new dresser.  So I started to do some repairs -

I filled in the dings with wood putty and sanded everything down. I also glued and clamped a piece of veneer that had come loose.  It took a little time but the prep is so important.  Then I applied one coat of Kilz oil-based primer -

Then it was ready for some paint.  I decided on Olympic Winter's Day.  It a subtle light gray.  Here's the first coat -

I can't wait to get the second coat on today.  And then I need to find hardware - this dresser only had two handles when I found it.  But it will be gorgeous when it's finished!