Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Tips - I Pinned It and Did It!

I started my blog in July.  I had have no idea what I'm doing yet.  :-)  But I'm willing to learn.  And, luckily, some people know exactly what they're doing.  And they are willing to share what they know.  And they have step-by-step instructions...with pictures.  Yay!  So, when I was looking for ways to make my blog look prettier, I did a little Google search.  And I found Kim at Cheap Chic Home.  She has some great blog tips which has helped me a ton.  I even pinned her whole blog onto my Pinterest "Blogs to Visit" board.

Over the last few days, I spent a lot of time cleaning up my "Featured!" and "Where I Link" pages.  I followed Kim's instructions and lined up all of those beautiful blog buttons.  I am thrilled with the result.  Actually, I'm so thrilled, that I finally made my own blog button!

If you're wondering why my button looks so different from the rest of my blog, it's because I decided to make more changes.  I designed a new header on Pixlr and I'll reveal it tomorrow (hopefully)!  I decided to jump into the world of graphic design - yikes.  It was not easy for me. I spent a couple of hours looking at a blank screen.  Completely confused.  But slowly, I was able to figure out how to add pictures and layers and all sorts of fun stuff.

So, check out my "Featured!" and "Where I Link" pages.  And, if you want to know how to line up all of those blog buttons on your blog, head over to Cheap Chic Home for great instructions!