Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Moments of 2011

One last post about 2011.  I really want to thank some women who have influenced me and my blog. When I started my blog, I had no idea what to expect.  I just shared some of my projects and hoped someone was reading about them.  Eventually, I gained some followers which was very exciting.  I began linking my projects to various link parties - and found more success.  I have been featured over 60 times on other blogs.  Which still surprises me.  It is such a thrill to see one of my projects selected.  Most of my readers have come from these link parties.  This begs the question - how did you find me?  Here's a list of my top five referrals -

5) Funky Junk Interiors - If you haven't been to this blog - go there now!  Donna is awesome.  Not only does she have amazing talent, but she is probably one of the sweetest women on the web.  I linked my Homemade Art during her 'get out of your comfort zone' challenge.

Making my own art definitely took me out of my comfort zone.  I'd never done something like this before.  And I was shocked when Donna left a sweet comment on my post.  She has a huge blog but she stopped over to see my little art project.  Wow.  I have also had a few interactions with her in email - she could not be nicer.  And she is so creative.  I just love looking around at all of her projects.

4) Apartment Therapy.  Yeah - I can't believe that either.  But one day, I noticed my stats going crazy.  I wondered what was happening.  Oh just my Homemade Headboard on Apartment Therapy.  NBD.  Crazy!!!

I love AT but never expected to see one of my projects there.  That's the kind of stuff that happens to other people.  You know, people who have been doing this stuff for years - not weeks.  But there it was.  And my stats went through the roof.  And while I still love this $10 headboard made from an old door, I cannot believe it was on AT.

3) My Romantic Home - Cindy has a great blog - and a huge link party.  I receive so many visitors when I link projects over there.  It's a fantastic place for inspiration.  I could look around there all day.

2) Knock Off Decor - I love a good knock off.  So this site is perfect for me.  I read it every day.  And I have had a few of my projects featured here.  One of my favorite features is my Buffet Lamp Transformation-

I found these lamps at Salvation Army and gave them a makeover.  They are so much cheaper than the Pottery Barn lamps that I had been eyeing.  Beckie at Knock Off Decor features tons of these cheap imitations - it's a great resource for decorating on a budget.

1) Young House Love.  Well what more can I say.  Sherry and John have one of the best blogs out there.  They knock out excellent projects faster than any other humans on the planet - all while raising a toddler, caring for their dog, writing a book, and contributing to a magazine.  I get tired just thinking about their schedule.  But I love their blog.  The writing is entertaining, the pictures are incredible and the DIY detail is really helpful.

Who else sent readers my way?  Laurie at Tip Junkie featured my Homemade Dance Floor -

Yeah - one day I logged on to FB and there was my dance floor - on Tip Junkie (I follow TJ on FB - and you should too!).  That was a huge surprise!  

Katie at Bower Power Blog invited her readers to link up projects a few times.  And can I just say - I. Love. Her. Blog.  She is so funny - and real.  She isn't afraid to show you the mess on her kitchen counter or her goofy 'redneck' family picture (you really need to check that out - you will love it).  She is also an incredible photographer (I really need to work on that for this blog).  And I just imagine that if we lived closer, we would be the best of friends.  Not in some sort of crazy stalker way either.  But we have a lot in common - like our love of bacon and our sad social skills (yes - I too have trouble making adult girl friends.  I just get awkward in social situations).  I do believe that bacon and awkwardness can bring people together.  So maybe someday..

Let's see, what else did I do in 2011?  I was a guest blogger on a number of sites.  How fun is that?  It's such a great opportunity for me - and a great way to introduce my new blog to more people.  Thanks ladies for inviting me over - I truly appreciate it!

I was lucky enough to do a couple of giveaways - which is a fantastic way to thank all of you for visiting my blog.  I hope to set up a few new giveaways this year as well.  Stay tuned!

I was also selected to be in a craft competition on One Month To Win It.  Today is the last day to vote in round one.  I would love it if you stopped over and voted (hopefully for me - but all of the projects are good so it's tough to choose).  I am really hoping to make it past the first round.

I was given the Versatile Blogger Award three times!  Wow!  That was completely unexpected - thanks ladies!!

I started a series called My Friday Five.  This sort of grew out of my love of Pinterest.  I figured that if I spent countless hours some time looking around that site, I should share some of my favorite inspiration.  I know I can't do all of the projects I find, but maybe it will inspire you to try something new.  And it also gives me an excuse to look around on Pinterest.  Without the guilt.  Because it's for my blog.  I mean the laundry can wait, right?  Of course it can...

So that pretty much sums up 2011.  I'm sure I have left some things out - it's been a very eventful year.  Tomorrow, I will have my first My Friday Five post for 2012. And Monday, I will share some of the things I hope to accomplish in the new year.  I have some big plans (which may be ambitious) so stop back to check them out.  

And thank you.