Friday, January 27, 2012

My Friday Five - Week 12

Who loves free stuff?  I know I do.  And where do you find free stuff for your home?  At the hardware store, of course.  That's right - I'm talking about the paint chip aisle.  Did you know that those free little samples could be used to make so many great accessories for your home?  Well, I've done some searching and found five uses for those little rectangles.  Ready?

(notice the new "my friday five" graphic?  Cute huh?)

1) Paint chip art.  You've probably seen this done before but I thought I'd point it out again - 

Lisa from Before Meets After made this version.  I love the colors - and it would be so easy to adapt to your own decor.  Any colors or patterns would work.  It's just fun.

2)  Do you read a lot?  Why not make bookmarks out of paint chips?

That's just what Jessica from How About Orange did.  How cute are these?  

3)  Here's a project that I heart.  A lot.  A paint chip chandelier.

Rhi at Hey Gorgeous can show you how she put this whole thing together.  And, btw, her whole blog is gorgeous.  I highly recommend taking a look.  

4)  I found a great Valentine's Day paint chip project - 

These are beautiful!  And so easy!  Vanessa at Silly Eagle Books made these sweet Valentines. Head over to her blog to see how she did it.  I wish my kids were younger - I'd definitely make these for their classmates.  They are so much better than handing out Sponge Bob Valentines.

5)  This last idea is awesome.  It's smart, useful, and beautiful.  A paint chip calendar - 

I pinned this from The Aesthetic Writer - and it was repinned 20 times in about an hour.  It seems that everyone loves this idea!  And if you found an old frame at a thrift store, it would be cheap to make.  Yay for cheap!

Are you inspired yet?