Monday, January 9, 2012

My Goals - 2012

Every January 1st, I try to set some goals for the year.  These aren't major life changes.  Just a reminder of some of the projects I'd like to tackle in the coming year.  I'm usually a little ambitious - I never get everything done.  But it's important for me to see where I stand and have a plan.  Yes, that means new to-do lists.

Goals For My Blog

1) Revamp.  I have plans to make the pages easier to navigate, clean up the sidebar, and change up my header.
2) Add new features.  I am going to include posts about topics other than decorating - such as couponing, budgeting, and shopping.  And how I save money every day.
3) Introduce new blogs.  I know I'm new here, but I've been reading other blogs for a long time - and I want to share some of my favorites.  Some of them are huge and some of them are tiny - but there are some really great reads out there I want to share.
4) Host guest bloggers.  If you have a blog, I'd love to have you over here for a day.  You can share a project, before and after, or just introduce yourself.  Contact me if you are interested -
5) Start a link party.  I'm still on the fence about this one.  There are already a lot of great link parties out there.  But I really love looking through all of the projects so I figured I might as well just have everyone over here.

Goals For My House

1) Remodel the guest bath.  We did a mini-makeover when we first moved in.  Now it's time to get 'er done.  I'm really excited to start this project and I'm even more excited to say goodbye to the blue toilet.  :-)
2) Update the laundry room.  I changed out the curtains and washer/dryer a while back, now it's time to lose the dated wallpaper and add some charm (after all, I'm in there all the time).
3) Tackle the living room.  This is the first room that I did - even before we moved in.  But it is still a very boring beige rectangular room.  With oddly placed windows and doors.  And I've struggled to put it together - until now.  I finally have some ideas that will go a long way in adding some interest in this room.  Hopefully, we'll get going on it.
4) Continue working on the landscaping.  We tackle a little each year and we are almost finished.  There are still three large, nearly dead bushes that have to come out and a few new ones to plant in their place.  This is one of the most exciting projects for me because I have never liked the curb appeal of my house - and beautiful landscaping will go a long way to fix that.
5) Repaint some of the rooms that have gotten a little beat up over the years.  We actually live in this house - it's not a museum.  So there is some wear and tear.  I would love to clean it up a little.
6) Tackle a few quick projects.  Here's a small list - install track lighting in the sun-room, change out the last of the brass doorknobs, move my 'office' to the sun room nook, and remove the 60's unusable wet bar from the family room closet.  Oh the list is much longer, but you get the idea.

Goals For My Budget

1) Save more.  We have always lived below our means.  It's just how we are comfortable.  But as our kids get older, the expenses get bigger.  And I want to re-evaluate our budget and find ways to make cuts.
2) Earn more.  As a stay-at-home mom, I've been lucky enough to enjoy and raise my kids full time.  I know just how lucky I am.  But I still want to find a way to help out a little.  I do contribute by finding ways to save - on everything from groceries to clothing to home renovation.  But I want to do more.  I want to add to our income.  I'm not sure how this will happen just yet but I think about it constantly.  I know this blog could eventually bring in some money (that will take a lot of time) but I would like to do something while I'm building this.  Maybe an etsy shop.  Maybe selling furniture that I've painted.  This is a work in progress.
3) Have a garage sale.  I did this once before.  Not sure if it's worth the effort because I don't know if I have enough to sell.  I don't have too much stuff that isn't used in the house.  I just don't like clutter.  But I have some time to figure out if this feasible (no one has garage sales in the winter in Buffalo..).
4) Sell some stuff on Craigslist.  We have done this before with success.  There a few things that I need to get on there now.
5) Spend $0 on Christmas.  I always get a little worried about spending money at Christmas time.  I love the giving part - just not the bill paying part.  So I have a plan to spend nothing this year - while still giving gifts.  I'll share more of the details soon (it will take the whole year to make this work).  Fingers crossed.

Goals For My Life

1) Eat Better.  While I don't have weight issues, I do have eating issues.  And at 42, I know that I have to clean that up.  I'm already looking around Pinterest for healthy recipes.  And I've found a few that look great. Sometimes, it's hard to shuffle kids around every night and make time for a good dinner.  It's time to make it a priority.
2) Be more confident.  Not much to say about this.  I think most of us can relate.
3) Stick to my schedule.  As most of you know, I like my lists.  I have a master house to-do list as well as a daily to-do list.  I can have great plans in the  morning but find that it's nearly impossible to get everything done.  Which makes me feel defeated at night.  So, this year, I am going to make more realistic daily lists -and stick with them.
4) Start a small garden.  I have always wanted to try this.  And I'm slightly nervous.  So, this year, I'm just planting tomatoes.  I need to plan this out a little as the neighborhood is full of wildlife (rabbits, squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, chipmunks, and foxes have all been known to inhabit my backyard).  For some reason, this project is at the top of my to-do list.  I'm curious to see if I can really grow something.  Is that weird?
5) Get more organized.  I touched on this last Friday.  I tend to be a very organized person but I don't feel like I'm really where I want to be.  I plan on tackling small projects and making my house more efficient.

And there you have it - a partial to-do list for 2012.  Do any of you have new goals for the new year?  New projects to start?  Or new things to try?  Or does everyone think I make too many lists?...