Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun With DecoArt Paint - Part 2

Yesterday, I explained that I was asked to use DecoArt paints in a craft competition.  I had decided to use the paints in a group of projects for a table setting.

I shared two of the projects yesterday - the pedestal bowl and candlesticks -  so today, I'll show you the rest.  Let's start with the tablecloth.  I purchased an inexpensive one at Christmas Tree Shops and picked a DecoArt paint in Indian Turquoise - 

Then, I found a stencil (it was leftover from my coffee table makeover) - 

By the way, I thought that this was one of the easiest stenciling projects I have ever done.  I definitely plan on doing this again - what an inexpensive way to have a custom tablecloth!

And since I was on a stenciling kick, I went ahead and stenciled  some dollar store plates.  This time, I went back to the Calypso Blue Gloss paint - 

Again, pretty easy.  

With all of that blue and white on the table, it was time to add a punch of color.  As in my inspiration picture, I added some orange.  First, I found a bunch of wooden napkin rings at Salvation Army for $1.  And I painted them with Bright Orange Gloss paint - 

And I used the same paint on these $1 spheres that I found at Christmas Tree Shops - 

I placed them in paper cups and painted one side at a time - 

And I ended up with this - 

So to wrap it up, everything you see on this table has been painted with DecoArt paints.  And even though I took on this project as a craft competition challenge, I had a lot of fun with it.  Now I have to get back to my regular house projects!  

I've share this project here -