Monday, January 23, 2012

Homemade Bread - I Pinned It - And I Did It!

Let's be honest - Pinterest is fun.  I can spend so much time just looking around at all of the beautiful pictures.  Pinning projects that I think I'm going to get to...but I know that most of this inspiration is just going to sit on my boards.  Well, in the last week, I've actually DONE some of the things that I've pinned!  Woohoo!  And this week, I want to share some of these projects with you.

Over the weekend, I baked my own homemade sandwich bread.  I haven't made bread in years.  I used to have a bread machine but even with that, I wasn't always successful.  There was something about making bread that intimidated me.  But I found a recipe from The Hungry Mouse - and I had to try it.

I really wish you could smell this bread right now - it is amazing!  I actually made two loaves but this is all that's left!  Everyone in the house loved it! And it wasn't that hard to make (I highly recommend stopping over at The Hungry Mouse website for all of the instructions.  Jessie really breaks the whole process down - which is great for a baking novice like me.  And her pictures are wonderful!).

I'm so glad I tried this recipe.  There are so many benefits to making my own bread - it's healthy and inexpensive.  Now I want to try to make different types of bread - I'm not intimidated anymore!  Thanks Pinterest!