Friday, January 13, 2012

My Friday Five - Week 10

Well, it finally snowed.  It has been pretty green around here up until now.  This is what it looks like outside -

Ok, not really.  But it is kinda lousy out.  The snow is falling and the wind is whipping.  I just want to stay inside with a warm pot cup of coffee and some Pinterest eye-candy.  I am planning on painting some more trim (I cannot tell you how many miles of trim I've painted in this house.  But it must be in the billions).  Anyway, here's a look at some of the fun things I've pinned this week.

1)  Let's start with the most amazing master closet makeover ever.  I'm almost sorry that you have to see this - you will never look at your closet the same way again.  Ready?

Sandra at Sawdust and Paper Scraps built this.  Herself.  Yup.  She even made a video of the process (which you should check out).  She is crazy talented.  And I sort of want to be her bff.  

2) Want an idea that is a little easier?  How about framing your thermostat?

I love this.  Lauren from All Things Homie came up with this clever way to dress up her thermostat.  We all have those ugly white boxes - and this is such a smart tip.  It looks so much better when it's framed.  I'm going to have to try this.

3)  Speaking of dressing up...I found a great way to fix an old pair of shoes.  You know, that pair of heels that are way too beat up to put on again. Don't throw them out.  Just add glitter.

This is brilliant.  I found this at Wobisobi and I just had to share.  I love bringing stuff back to life - and I love when it's easy and inexpensive to do.  Go check out the step-by-step (haha...get it?).  

4)  Here's a beautiful DIY art project -

Those are faux capiz shells!  Don't they look great?  Alexis from Persia Lou created this wall hanging.  And she made the "shells" out of wax paper.  Clever.  I love large pieces of art - that don't cost a fortune!

5)  Do you have a set of plastic drawers? You know, the cheap kind they sell at Target or Walmart?  We all do.  Well, here's a fun way to dress them up - 

Jennifer at Simply Living gave those plastic drawers a makeover with scrapbook paper.  So smart.  They look so much better now.  The possibilities are endless with this idea.  They could match any room - and look great.

Are you inspire yet?